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So, just a reminder, my book has been out now for some time, though I recently went back through it to make some updates. Not to pull a George Lucas here, but sometimes taking a break and examining your work through fresher eyes really helps. More specifically, it helps when you finally notice mistakes that you were initially numb to. If it’s all in the name of improving my writing and being more professional, I will update as many times as necessary. Thankfully, it looks like I managed to get all the mistakes that slipped through my fingers the last time.

Anyway, production on the sequel “NEOSOL SAGA: EXPOSED” (subtitle subject to change) is well underway. I would say that I am 75% done with an initial draft of the outline. My plan is to finish it, revise it, add some things, revise again, have other writers read it and then revise again before going into writing. The name of the game here is revise. Revise, revise, revise. I understand that nothing is perfect, but hey, I have to at least try.

I look forward to dropping more updates in the future! Stay tuned.



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I finally did it. My book is now available for Kindle users! I plan to make it available for Print as well, for those who prefer reading physical books.

Well, this has been a really fun journey. A long time ago, I wanted to be a game developer. “Neosol: Maelstrom” was going to be my break-out hit game, combining the retro gameplay of an arcade beat-em-up with modern graphics and a story rooted in conspiracy theorist lore.

8 years of plot refining later, it’s finally here! I feel funny inside, like this wave of confidence and accomplishment has just possessed me. It feels good, man.

It’s currently $5.99 on Kindle. I dropped the price by a dollar, so the change should take effect sometime today. If you want to buy it now, great! If you feel more comfortable waiting for the price change, also great!

I also intend to stay up to date with information in future posts. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future that’s for sure!

Anyway, I look forward to continue this series, and I hope everybody enjoys it!

UPDATE: T-minus 72 hours…

You read that right. In three days, my first novel, “NEOSOL: MAELSTROM” will be released to the public through Kindle. At the time of this writing, it is only available through Kindle, though I do intend to start the production of physical copies right away.

I’ll post more updates soon!


A Very Belated Blog Update

So, it’s been about a year since I updated this thing. I initially started this blog for an online marketing class, and I had intended to use it beyond the class to talk about writing stuff. Specifically, I have written a book, and I wanted to write stuff about that. However, due to things such as school, work and life getting in the way, I have been unable to keep up with postings. Aside from a half ass attempt at a movie review (which I plan to improve on and continue in the future), I haven’t touched this site since.

So here is what I am up to:

I finished the book. I am going to be publishing it as soon as I can through Amazon. Hopefully it will be available late Summer or Early Fall. I am looking for a good artist to commission so I can get the cover art for it, and I am looking for means to promote it so that people see it.

I am graduating from University very soon. I will be walking in June with a BA in Art’s, Media and Culture. I understand that most high level technical firms won’t be opening their doors for me, but that’s okay. I knew what I got myself into and I regret nothing. As far as future careers go, I am shooting for technical writer.

At some point I will start working on the outlining for Book 2 (I have an entire series of about 7-8 books planned out).

Other than that, I’ll probably be restarting my side hobby of developing games using RPG Maker. (it’s just a side hobby, so don’t worry. I am 100% a writer still) I have been working on and off on a Doom RPG since High School and I would love to get back to it, but not in any way that it would distract me from my writing. I see it as a means of experimenting with pacing in story-telling. I am looking forward to it.

As for the future, I envision a future of appearances at sci-fi conventions, and I am totally okay with it. Those are my people anyway, not that I wish to sound like I am tooting my own horn or anything.

Whatever the future holds, I’ll be sure to write some of it down.

See ya.

In Regards to Blogging.

There are several challenges I have noticed about being a blogger, more specifically, about the process of actually writing out the blogs and one of them is finding the right words. When you are writing a blog for something that is going to be seen by potentially many people, you tend to word your post like it is a newspaper or magazine article. I think that this happens because mainly, blogging is like writing for a publication without writing for an actual publication. It’s sorta like choosing your words very carefully when you are in an argument, you have to choose what you say before you say it, and that can be hard when you are also tasked with being creative with writing. This is what I would view as my biggest challenge to blogging, and that is staying professional while also being creative.

That’s not to say that the experience of blogging so far has been a loss however. If anything, I learned a big lesson from this, and that is learning to present yourself from a professional writing point of view. This is coming from a background as a science fiction short story writer (and soon to be novelist). Making the jump from writing dramatic stories about heroes and danger to writing reports on articles and business practices can be a very hard leap to make. You are forced into a position where you have to drop one writing style in favor for another writing style that is completely different. Such a practice is very hard to do, but worth it if you wish to actually be a journalist or a professional blogger (as I hope to be in addition to a novelist). That was the lesson I think I will be useful to me in the future, as I plan on blogging professionally once I get my name out there through my books.

On that note, there will be some changes to Armascribe:

I founded this blog for three reasons: I needed a blog to become a professional blogger, I needed a blog to promote my books and stories, and I needed one for my business class. Now that class will soon be over, I will be concentrating on those first two reasons I listed. I plan on becoming a professional blogger (as I have stated before), and I plan on using this blog as a means of providing updates on my books (What stages of development they are in, when I plan on releasing them, when I plan on attending book signings or appearances at conventions, etc).

Anyway, I hope that I can impress readers enough to keep coming back for more, and I look forward to what the future has in store!

On Online Marketing Jobs

Through my research of positions of employment in the field of online marketing, I realized that there were certain truths to what makes a good employee. Specifically, there are TWO very important skills needed in order to succeed in this line of work:

  1. Social skills. An online marketer must be very socially adept and charismatic if he/she is to be successful. Online marketing requires frequent contact with clients in which the employee must make financial deals. If a client wishes to receive a certain amount of money from an advertisement hosted on their website, an employee must be able to negotiate how much they can make. This also applies for searching for prospective clients. For example, If an online ad agency wishes to put ads for an upcoming book on a social media website, the employee must be able to make arrangements with the host of those websites in order to be both profitable to the company they represent and fair to the host.
  2. Analytical skills. Strategy is a key component of online marketing, whether it is planning out which search terms would link a user to an ads, or determining which websites to advertise your content on. This is important, as it will determine how many potential consumers will be reached by the advertisements. An employee with good analytical skills would know to advertise a science fiction movie or book to people who search for related terms like “Science fiction books in 2014,” or “Upcoming alien invasion movies.” Terms can also include upcoming movies that are going to be really popular that somehow relate to the thing being advertised (People who search for “Transformers 4” should receive ads for the “Transformers” toyline, for example).

If I were in charge of an online marketing agency, these are the two traits I would look for in choosing potential employees. The employee must be able to close deals and make agreements with little compromise, and the employee must know precisely who to advertise to based on current trends and the hottest search topics. These two things I feel are absolutely essential in the online marketing world.

Nobody is perfect however. I know that I definitely need to work on the social skill aspect of it in order to cut it in the industry, but I do know what to look for in trends. I know now what it takes to properly advertise products, I just hope that every other employer in this industry know what to look for as well.

I’m a Different Type of Entreprenuer

I was watching a Ted talk on Entrepreneurs recently, and it really got me thinking about what type of Entrepreneur I would consider myself. One of the things that Cameron Herold (the speaker of the Ted talk) said was that we are not encouraging children to be Entrepreneurs. We are grooming them to be drones in the working world after getting them to spend a quarter of their lives studying and learning things that they are never going to need, allthewhile putting them in positions of disadvantages with over a hundred thousand dollars of debt. What we should be doing is grooming them to be creative and outspoken, so that they can excel at being entrepreneurs and ultimately live better lives.

I would consider myself a different type of entrepreneur. While the usual term of entrepreneur might apply to someone starting up a business, or doing something that would make them a lot of money (legally), I would consider myself an entrepreneur of knowledge. I just plan on using that knowledge to make money myself, and I have known this about myself when I realized I wanted to be an author.

To reiterate, I am an author. While I have yet to publish any of my work, I do plan on actually earning money from it in the future through publishing of books and articles. I have absorbed a vast amount of information about the world like a sponge, both the normal and the strange, so I can use it in my work as a writer. I suppose that is how I would consider myself an entrepreneur.

While I don’t know of any children specifically that could benefit from being an entrepreneur, I feel that what Cameron says applies to everybody. I agree with Cameron in that we must nurture ALL children to have this desire. It is the desire to stand up and become something greater than a humble worker in a company, or a person in a cubicle. It is that desire to actually take something by the horns to make a much more enjoyable existence for yourself, whether it is becoming a titan of industry or a contributor to the zeitgeist with your words.

Link to the Ted Talk:

(Accessed on 5/25/14)

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