Bungie Studios: Why I want them to conquer the world.

I want to go on record by saying that I love anything Bungie does. I am not just saying that as a Halo fan either. I am a equal opportunity fan of anything they produce. I first discovered them through Halo: CE, which was where I cut my teeth as a gamer. It was when I was transitioning from being a Nintendo-centric platformer gamer to a more adult gamer, and Master Chief hailed my arrival. When I started looking into their other games, such as Marathon, I really started to cut my teeth in their games.

There is a certain theme I am noticing with all their games, which I feel adds to my fascination with them. From a science fiction writer point of view, I really feel that they always do a perfect job of blending grand space opera with fantasy adventure. Large generation ships entering worlds of ancient ruins built by long lost civilizations. Alien empires laying waste to entire worlds, viewing the inhabitants as literal demons challenging their faith. These two themes are prominent in both Halo and Marathon, which I truly enjoy from a story perspective. When I play their games, I get a sense of mythical exploration. To put it simply, Bungie is great at creating Sci-Fi and meshing it perfectly with fantasy. These are worlds built by talented people, and the way Bungie manages them is both rewarding and enticing, which is why I want to work with them, and why I want their so-called “7 Steps to World Domination” to really play out.

I feel that every company should take a page to how Bungie manages their business. Everybody works passionately at Bungie studios for a reason. Management is both casual and loose, yet firm and fair. Dress code? Anywhere else it would be business suits. At Bungie, however, expect to see many programmers and artists sporting casual wear and viking beards. Work environment? Normally you would expect a clean and orderly cubicle. At Bungie, your cubicle is your lair that you can fortify and alter to your hearts content. Great employee benefits (great insurance, great camaraderie, and the usual care packages offered) mean that all an employee has to do is be passionate about his or her job.

They treat their fans well too. I have never seen a company have greater contact with its user base than I have with Bungie. In addition to appearing at conventions, they regularly maintain contact through various social media services: Facebook, Twitter, and the forums on their website. It truly makes a fan feel like one of the team, having such a connection to this level.

I truly believe that if Bungie were to take over the world, and every company operated as they do, working in general would overall  be a much more interesting and unique experience than it already is. And if and when that day comes when they stage their takeover, I may find myself being apart of the marching crowd under the Bungie flag.



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