Talk about TED: SETI

“Join the SETI search” by Jill Tarter is a good video from the TED website and I will explain why. It doesn’t talk about UFO’s or conspiracies. It doesn’t go into alien abductions, cattle mutilations or Roswell, and it doesn’t talk about the Alien Agenda or Lizard people. It talks about the universe, and our place inside of it.

Jill Tarter spends much of the time discussing why we need to support SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) from a very self-realized point of view that puts perspective in our place in the universe. She does so by describing the complexities of the universe we live in: We live in a galaxy composed of billions of stars that floats through the universe between millions of other galaxies. She also describes the complexities of life here on earth and how, even in the extreme situations, life can thrive such as how bacteria can live within extreme environments that are otherwise unlivable (“Life finds a way” as Jeff Goldblum puts it). The point she makes is that we live in a very complex ecosystem that floats through another very complex ecosystem that is billions upon billions of years old. Anything is possible.

What really struck me about this though, was the way she described her beliefs on life and why we should seek it out. She describes in a grand and almost epic way that, we are so insignificantly small, yet complex, in a massive universe of complexities. We could be a part of a very complex system without actually knowing it. To her, it is about “waking up” humanity to the reality that not only are we NOT alone, but that seeking out and meeting other forms of life could be experiences that allow us to grow as a species and a civilization. We think we are alone, so we do things that are detrimental to ourselves. We damage our planet and ourselves. I can’t imagine how quickly our differences could be resolved if we knew that there was a civilization somewhere that was near identical to our own. It would really put things in perspective, that maybe we should be trying to better ourselves instead of staying the course and causing more harm to ourselves. This was the most interesting part of the video for me. I highly recommend watching, even if the video itself is several years old.


Jill Tarter, Feb 2009

Accessed: 4/27/2014


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