Embracing Facebook Advertising.

According to Pat Flynn at “Smart Passive Income,” the key to successful advertising lies in advertising on Facebook. There are four really important reasons why this is so:

  • Facebook ads allow you the flexibility to reach your target audience when you are on a limited budget.
  • Facebook ads allow for more diversified traffic.
  • Facebook offers great testing grounds for testing the marketing of your project. If you can generate interest from your Facebook ads, it should give you an idea on how to handle your non-Facebook ads.
  • Testing with Facebook also gives you a chance to test-run names for your products. The names that get the most clicks on Facebook are the kind you should use in your non-Facebook ads.

I think Nintendo could seriously benefit from understanding these reasons and using them to increase their ad services through social media channels such as Facebook. It will allow them also, to research their target audience and find out what it takes to market their services properly.

Facebook ads are also effective by design. They capture the attentions of users through vivid colors and imagery, with empowering headlines, by outlining what the product is offering, with a sense of urgency.

Overall, if Nintendo shifted more towards advertising through Facebook, using the above rules and guidelines, they could really turn things around. It is no secret that they have been struggling financially lately. With their lack of attention given to the hardcore gamers with how they handle game releases on their systems, it is of no surprise that they have been struggling. A good idea would be to use these rules given by the writer to study their target audience more so they can improve the quality of games on their systems, as well as their relationship with consumers.





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