Website Personalization: Does Nintendo Do It Right?

Nintendo has two unique ways of personalizing their services:

1) Not long ago, Nintendo introduced the “Miiverse,” a social media service for their Wii U system. This service offers a fully interactive and intuitive way for users to personalize their gaming experience, in the form of a social networking service. The Miiverse allows players to post status updates about the games they are playing, and communicate with other players for advice on games they are struggling with. This service also allows players to personalize their gaming experiences by expressing themselves in the form of artwork of games that they can post.  In addition, players can take this experience on the go with the Nintendo 3DS version, which offers the same experience for players wishing for a truly unique and personalized social gaming experience.

2) Nintendo Technical Support Forums: Much like other gaming websites, Nintendo offers a forum service operated by a support staff of moderators. The purpose is obvious: To work with players to solve technical problems with their gaming systems. While this seems standard, it is unique in the fact that these forums enable users to choose which topics they have access two, specifically which subjects they would want to read about. While this seems standard, it is. However, Nintendo and their policy of complete simplicity set it apart from other companies.

Overall, I feel as if these two examples highlight Nintendo and their user friendliness. This is important for a company, as a huge part of how it presents itself is through how it interacts with its user base. By offering a means of personalization for their support channels, Nintendo is more accessible, which is a very important thing that more companies should grasp today.


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