I’m a Different Type of Entreprenuer

I was watching a Ted talk on Entrepreneurs recently, and it really got me thinking about what type of Entrepreneur I would consider myself. One of the things that Cameron Herold (the speaker of the Ted talk) said was that we are not encouraging children to be Entrepreneurs. We are grooming them to be drones in the working world after getting them to spend a quarter of their lives studying and learning things that they are never going to need, allthewhile putting them in positions of disadvantages with over a hundred thousand dollars of debt. What we should be doing is grooming them to be creative and outspoken, so that they can excel at being entrepreneurs and ultimately live better lives.

I would consider myself a different type of entrepreneur. While the usual term of entrepreneur might apply to someone starting up a business, or doing something that would make them a lot of money (legally), I would consider myself an entrepreneur of knowledge. I just plan on using that knowledge to make money myself, and I have known this about myself when I realized I wanted to be an author.

To reiterate, I am an author. While I have yet to publish any of my work, I do plan on actually earning money from it in the future through publishing of books and articles. I have absorbed a vast amount of information about the world like a sponge, both the normal and the strange, so I can use it in my work as a writer. I suppose that is how I would consider myself an entrepreneur.

While I don’t know of any children specifically that could benefit from being an entrepreneur, I feel that what Cameron says applies to everybody. I agree with Cameron in that we must nurture ALL children to have this desire. It is the desire to stand up and become something greater than a humble worker in a company, or a person in a cubicle. It is that desire to actually take something by the horns to make a much more enjoyable existence for yourself, whether it is becoming a titan of industry or a contributor to the zeitgeist with your words.

Link to the Ted Talk:


(Accessed on 5/25/14)


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