On Online Marketing Jobs

Through my research of positions of employment in the field of online marketing, I realized that there were certain truths to what makes a good employee. Specifically, there are TWO very important skills needed in order to succeed in this line of work:

  1. Social skills. An online marketer must be very socially adept and charismatic if he/she is to be successful. Online marketing requires frequent contact with clients in which the employee must make financial deals. If a client wishes to receive a certain amount of money from an advertisement hosted on their website, an employee must be able to negotiate how much they can make. This also applies for searching for prospective clients. For example, If an online ad agency wishes to put ads for an upcoming book on a social media website, the employee must be able to make arrangements with the host of those websites in order to be both profitable to the company they represent and fair to the host.
  2. Analytical skills. Strategy is a key component of online marketing, whether it is planning out which search terms would link a user to an ads, or determining which websites to advertise your content on. This is important, as it will determine how many potential consumers will be reached by the advertisements. An employee with good analytical skills would know to advertise a science fiction movie or book to people who search for related terms like “Science fiction books in 2014,” or “Upcoming alien invasion movies.” Terms can also include upcoming movies that are going to be really popular that somehow relate to the thing being advertised (People who search for “Transformers 4” should receive ads for the “Transformers” toyline, for example).

If I were in charge of an online marketing agency, these are the two traits I would look for in choosing potential employees. The employee must be able to close deals and make agreements with little compromise, and the employee must know precisely who to advertise to based on current trends and the hottest search topics. These two things I feel are absolutely essential in the online marketing world.

Nobody is perfect however. I know that I definitely need to work on the social skill aspect of it in order to cut it in the industry, but I do know what to look for in trends. I know now what it takes to properly advertise products, I just hope that every other employer in this industry know what to look for as well.


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