In Regards to Blogging.

There are several challenges I have noticed about being a blogger, more specifically, about the process of actually writing out the blogs and one of them is finding the right words. When you are writing a blog for something that is going to be seen by potentially many people, you tend to word your post like it is a newspaper or magazine article. I think that this happens because mainly, blogging is like writing for a publication without writing for an actual publication. It’s sorta like choosing your words very carefully when you are in an argument, you have to choose what you say before you say it, and that can be hard when you are also tasked with being creative with writing. This is what I would view as my biggest challenge to blogging, and that is staying professional while also being creative.

That’s not to say that the experience of blogging so far has been a loss however. If anything, I learned a big lesson from this, and that is learning to present yourself from a professional writing point of view. This is coming from a background as a science fiction short story writer (and soon to be novelist). Making the jump from writing dramatic stories about heroes and danger to writing reports on articles and business practices can be a very hard leap to make. You are forced into a position where you have to drop one writing style in favor for another writing style that is completely different. Such a practice is very hard to do, but worth it if you wish to actually be a journalist or a professional blogger (as I hope to be in addition to a novelist). That was the lesson I think I will be useful to me in the future, as I plan on blogging professionally once I get my name out there through my books.

On that note, there will be some changes to Armascribe:

I founded this blog for three reasons: I needed a blog to become a professional blogger, I needed a blog to promote my books and stories, and I needed one for my business class. Now that class will soon be over, I will be concentrating on those first two reasons I listed. I plan on becoming a professional blogger (as I have stated before), and I plan on using this blog as a means of providing updates on my books (What stages of development they are in, when I plan on releasing them, when I plan on attending book signings or appearances at conventions, etc).

Anyway, I hope that I can impress readers enough to keep coming back for more, and I look forward to what the future has in store!


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