An Update About Updates*Version*=1&*entries*=0

So, just a reminder, my book has been out now for some time, though I recently went back through it to make some updates. Not to pull a George Lucas here, but sometimes taking a break and examining your work through fresher eyes really helps. More specifically, it helps when you finally notice mistakes that you were initially numb to. If it’s all in the name of improving my writing and being more professional, I will update as many times as necessary. Thankfully, it looks like I managed to get all the mistakes that slipped through my fingers the last time.

Anyway, production on the sequel “NEOSOL SAGA: EXPOSED” (subtitle subject to change) is well underway. I would say that I am 75% done with an initial draft of the outline. My plan is to finish it, revise it, add some things, revise again, have other writers read it and then revise again before going into writing. The name of the game here is revise. Revise, revise, revise. I understand that nothing is perfect, but hey, I have to at least try.

I look forward to dropping more updates in the future! Stay tuned.



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